Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bank of N.I.A.? What Can It Do?

A selection of our services are all aimed to be a bridge between the decentralised world of cryptocurrency and the conventional assets Founded in 2018, Bank of N.I.A. is one of the new, most popular currency service providers on the Crypto Market. Our market isn’t limited to just American countries, the services and products which we offer can be used globally.

What you can do with Bank of N.I.A.:

  • receive, store, exchange, and send bitcoins and litecoins
  • buy and withdraw cryptocurrencies to your personal bank account
  • buy our Cryptocurrency with a bank card

How Do you Sign Up!?

To start using Bank of N.I.A.’s services, you need to register an account first. You can do so by clicking Sign up button in the upper right corner or, alternatively, leave your email in the field on Buy Morcos page and click Sign up now..

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

Morcos Crypto wallet provides an easy way to buy, store, and send morcos all over the world.

Bank of N.I.A. makes buying and selling cryptocurrency easy. There are two main options to buy Morcos on Bank of N.I.A.: account purchase and with a bank card. The former is described below and the latter in this article. In order to buy Morocos through our service, you need to make sure that you have enough funds in your Bank of N.I.A. USD accounts. So the first step is depositing funds into your Bank of N.I.A. account.

Once you’ve chosen the account you wish to use, enter the number of Morcos you want to buy. Please note: For such transactions we charge a 1% conversion fee.

How Do I Sell Cryptocurrency?

Bank of N.I.A. makes buying and selling your bitcoins easy.

Simply Log in and head to the Transfers tab of your Bank of N.I.A. account, and you’ll see our simple currency exchange tool. To sell bitcoins you need to transfer funds from your Morcos account to your US Dollar account.

Please note: For such transactions we charge a 1% conversion fee

How Safe is Bank of N.I.A.?

We combine the industry's best practices to ensure your money is safe, whether it is stored as Cryptocurrency, U.S. Dollars or any other future currencies we choose to add. Cold storage, multi-signature practices and more go into ensuring that your funds are always secure.